Staircase 3rd edition. 


For our third exhibition we organized an event with live painting and drawing  at an artistic location in Antwerp. Our visitors got the opportunity to not only view an end result but also the process of painting and drawing. The location paleisstraat was provided by MADE Estate and beers by MOKKE bier brewery. 


Jarl van Goethem

painter and illustrator

Jarl took part in the first edition of Staircase. This edition he will make live art with charcoal and paint. While painting, Jarl tries to find interestings compositions and creates a dark mood in his work. 

Robin Goethals

illustrator and street artist

Robin's passion is drawing and that's something we were able to experience the last editions of Staircase. With his drawings, Robin creates a world where we all want to get lost in. 

Kevin Kotahunyi 

figurative painter

Kevin is a new addition to the Staircase team. His paintings are a mixture of his own views and found imagery from which Kevin constructs complex compositions. He's heavily inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Francis Bacon. 

Simon Mannaerts 

illustrator and painter

Simon is a full time cycle mender but also a full time artist. He takes part in the Staircase event for the first time. He will make work inspired by people and their behaviour.