Underdog Edition

The Underdog Edition in collaboration with Mokke Bier Brewery (best beers!!) and MADE Estate (awesome locations!) took place on the 16th and 17th of March. 

Free entrance
Paleisstraat 98 - 102

Saturday 16th of March starting 14:00
Live art
by Lobster Robin, Jarrat, SIMO and Viscid Art Collective

Sunday 17th of March starting 10:00
Live Tattooing
by Jorre Black Lotus, Jean Harai, El Gato Negro, Piotr Polak and Maartje Skinbonesandink 
Live Piercing by Gentle Eddie

Drop by at our events, meet a lot of artists, check out different forms of art live!


Lobster Robin

illustrator and street artist

Robin's passion is drawing and that's something we were able to experience the last editions of Staircase. With his drawings, Robin creates a world where we all want to get lost in. 


painter and illustrator

Jarrat took part in the first edition of Staircase. This edition he will make live art with charcoal and paint. While painting, he tries to find interestings compositions and creates a dark mood in his work. 


illustrator and painter

SIMO is a full time cycle mender but also a full time artist. He takes part in the Staircase event for the first time. He will make work inspired by people and their behaviour. 

Viscid Art Collective

Street artists, tattoo artists, taxidermy and photograpy 

Group of urban artists, Sticky Stef and Taco Bals, without any boundaries. They will be participating in our Underdog Edition, making live art through wheat pasting designs. Very excited to welcome these two awesome artists! 

Jorre Black Lotus 

Tattoo artist at the Black Lotus Antwerp 

One of the best artists in Japanese tattoo designs will join us on 17th of March! We can't begin to explain how grateful we are to have Jorre live tattooing in collaboration with Staircase. 

Get your appointment at Black Lotus Antwerp or through Instagram!

El Gato Negro

Tattoo artist at the Black Lotus Antwerp and Tattoo Schreus

Kristof Coenaerts is a great tattoo artist working at the Black Lotus Antwerp. He makes incredible traditional, black & grey and realism tattoo designs and he'll make your body look like a true piece of art! 

Get your appointment at Black Lotus Antwerp or through Instagram! 

Maartje Skin, Bones and Ink

Tattoo artist at Blackbird Tattoo and the Black Lotus Antwerp

How lucky are we not to have only two great artists working in the Black Lotus Antwerp, but three artists collaborating with us! Maartje, a great artist who designs colorful and detailed tattoo designs,  makes the team complete. 

Get your appointment at Black Lotus Antwerp or through Instagram! 

Jean Harai 

Tattoo artist at Jean Harai

Not done yet! For black/colored custom designs, Jean is your artist! His private studio in Antwerp will make place for a very unique and cool location filled with the Staircase Artists crew! Don't hesitate to book your appointment with Jean Harai, there's no way to regret his clean and flawless tattoos. 

Get your appointment at his studio or through Instagram!

Piotr Polak

Tattoo artist at Finest Beef Shop

Piotr Polak makes the most intriguing dark and realistic artwork. His works are eternalized as awesome tattoos, and at the Underdog Edition, Polak will tattoo live in Antwerp. 

Get your appointment at Finest Beef Shop or through Instagram!

Gentle Eddie

Professional body piercer at Sticky Stef Tattooshop Antwerp

Last but not least, proud to announce Gentle Eddie aka Golden Draught. Let him work his magic on you! 

Get your appointment at Sticky Stef Tattooshop Antwerp or through Instagram!