Staircase is a platform that supports artists in Belgium, founded in 2018 by Enea Derboven. She works as an independent curator with lesser known, passionate artists to connect with other artists and organizations. In addition, exhibitions are organized at unique locations, in collaboration with Urban Trend Consultant MADE Estate and Mokke bier brewery. They make it possible for Staircase to plan events. This creates the opportunity to network, exhibit own work for an interested audience and build name recognition.

The name Staircase is a reference to Enea's own experience in Brooklyn, New York. During this trip she discovered that artists can come together in a natural way and philosophize about life and work. They literally do this by meeting each other on a staircase in one of the artistic districts, without any obligation. With Staircase, Enea also wants to take this a step further by offering not only the stairs where encounters can arise, but also by providing artists support at every step they take.

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